We've started a healthcare revolution.

Our Direct Primary Care (DPC) membership is unique because it puts the patient/doctor relationship at the forefront and offers quality, easy-to-access healthcare. Our membership can be standalone or paired with regular health insurance, giving employers more options when deciding what healthcare to offer to their employees.

Double or triple your revenue!

Healthcare2U’s Direct Primary Care (DPC) Membership presents you with year-round money-making options and opens the door to approaching existing clients with viable solutions to cut costs. Our membership can be offered to employers with as little as two employees and up to thousands spread across the county. Our flexibility allows employers to offer our affordable membership as a voluntary or company-paid option. As the only scaled DPC provider, we have members and clinics in all 50 states.

How our DPC memberships make you money:

Healthcare2U is not insurance, therefore we offer you a “marketing fee” instead of commissions. We pay you a certain amount per month for every employee/member joining Healthcare2U. You earn this every month a member is enrolled in our Direct Primary Care Membership.

Year-Round Implementation
Unlike traditional health insurance plans, Healthcare2U allows you to implement solutions throughout the year, maximizing your chances to engage clients and attract their interests. 
Increased Revenue
Elevate your earning potential by presenting Healthcare2U as a valuable alternative to employer groups. Upsell with confidence and watch your income soar!

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